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Construction and Bridge Loans - Need a loan for building a custom home?

Debt Consolidation - Lower your monthly payments.

FHA & VA Loans - Want more information on government loans?

First Time Buyers - First time buying? We have a program for you!

Refinance - Planning to refinance your home loan?

Purchase Loans - Looking forward to purchasing a home?

Second Mortgages - Need to pull out another mortgage?

No Down Payment - Put zero down on a home.


100% Financing Loan - No down payment for borrowers with good credit.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) - About ARM interest rates fluctuating

Balloon Mortgages - Allows low monthly payments and interest rates.

Fixed Rate Mortgages - Lock into a guaranteed rate.

Full Doc and Stated Income - This type of loan usually offers low rates.

Introductory Rate ARMs - More information on ARMs.

Reverse Mortgages - This converts equity into cash.

Types of Standard ARMs


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Introductory Rate ARMs

There are several adjustable rate mortgages that are available to homeowners. These include 6-Month Certificate of Deposit ARM, 6-Month Treasury Average ARM, 12-Month Treasury Average ARM and the 1-Year Treasury Spot ARM. ARMs fluctuates quickly to the market and will allow the borrower to benefit from falling interest rates. Borrowers can take advantage of low rates when rates begin to increase on certain ARM programs that lag in some markets.

Periodic rate cap

Periodic rate caps limits how much your payments can rise at one time.

Payment Caps

Payment caps are offered in some ARMs. It limits the payment amount that can rise over the life span of your loan. For example, if the underlying index rises, your payment would increase only to the limit of the payment cap.

Lifetime Caps

Lifetime caps limits the interest rate that can rise during the life of the loan.

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