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Construction and Bridge Loans - Need a loan for building a custom home?

Debt Consolidation - Lower your monthly payments.

FHA & VA Loans - Want more information on government loans?

First Time Buyers - First time buying? We have a program for you!

Refinance - Planning to refinance your home loan?

Purchase Loans - Looking forward to purchasing a home?

Second Mortgages - Need to pull out another mortgage?

No Down Payment - Put zero down on a home.


100% Financing Loan - No down payment for borrowers with good credit.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) - About ARM interest rates fluctuating

Balloon Mortgages - Allows low monthly payments and interest rates.

Fixed Rate Mortgages - Lock into a guaranteed rate.

Full Doc and Stated Income - This type of loan usually offers low rates.

Introductory Rate ARMs - More information on ARMs.

Reverse Mortgages - This converts equity into cash.

Types of Standard ARMs


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Purchase Loans

One of the biggest and most exciting steps you will take in your life is purchasing your new home or next home. Whether you’re an experienced home buyer or a first time buyer, we will be able to help make the process quick and easy. Below we have provided useful resources which will help you get started.

To get started immediately click here for our Purchase Loans on-line application.

Down Payment Gifts, Loans, and Your 401k - Apply Online

Loans and/or gifts from family, friends, and many other sources are usually a common way to put together your down payment sufficient for your home loan needs. The percentage of the loan and/or gift that you are able to use may vary from loan to loan. Speak with a home loan specialist today to discuss any loans or gifts you plan to use as a down payment.

Often many companies offer a 401K plan that help make the home buying experience easier. Usually employees are permitted to withdraw from their 401K plans without a penalty to provide a down payment on a home loan. To find out if this is the correct course of action for your loan, contact us to find out if there are drawbacks you may incur.

Down Payment Support Programs - Apply Online

Sometimes collecting the funds needed for a down payment can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several programs that are able to assist those who need help with obtaining a down payment. There are national assistance programs and programs specifically for local residents. To find out if you qualify for assistance, it is best to contact a mortgage broker, though several programs do not require repayment and do not place caps on borrower's income.

Housing Authorities - Apply Online

Housing authorities are non-profit organizations which are dedicated to assisting home buyers with down payments and closing costs. There are many agencies in cities and states across the nation that are able to help with their local areas. Many of the housing authorities help to provide affordable housing for low and moderate income person and/or families and help to create an environment that helps to learn independently. Our mortgage specialists are educated about the current housing authorities in your area and can assist with working with a Housing Authority.

Low Down Payment Qualifications - Apply Online

Qualifying for a low down payment home loan may be just what you’re looking for. To qualify, your mortgage broker will look at the adequate appraisal value of the home, good credit background, and an income sufficiently able to pay the monthly mortgage. While these are the more important details, there may be other details to factor in.

Speak with one of our home loan specialists today to discuss your qualifications on a one-on-one basis. One of the aspects your home loan specialists will discuss is your ability to pay the closing costs, which are typically between 2% and 3% of the home's value. Your home loan specialist will be able to determine your best long term loan options.

Newport Beach Purchase Loans - Apply Online

Purchasing your home is easy with the mortgage professionals at Network Lending Services, Inc. . Purchase loans are available to borrowers at a wide variety of rates and terms.

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